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Doing finance on-chain unleashed DeFi.

What could building real-world companies on-chain create .....

Perhaps, freedom from status games?


An experimental

Wealth Creation Ecosystem for Web3

implemented using TAVOs.

Permissionless. Composable. Decentralized.

not DAOs. TAVOs.


Trustless Autonomous Value-creating Organisations

Value creation occurs through innovation and execution.

Not through consensus from crowds.

Decentralization (as a goal) generates public goods. Public goods create tragedy of the commons. And commons kill velocity.

The optimal solution strategy is not to iterate this problem, but instead to make it irrelevant.

Decentralization of governance is not a goal. It is an input to reach greater systematic trust.

Network Values

Guiding principles and thus, features of the network

Psychological Safety

Implemented as Universal Basic Income (UBI). Administered through Guild.

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Long-term games with long-term people.

Eliminating myopia creates oppurtunities for compounding.

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BUIDL network is an experimental TAVO implementation of BUIDL Labs v1.


Relish the freedom of individual expression, with the belongingness of a high-performance team.


Login from anywhere in the world. Anytime.


Create your own zone of flow.


Live inspired by what can be.